Fix Your Car Yourself!

August 9, 2015 7:28 pm

What is going on here?
We buy a computerized car and the dealer doesn’t provide a mouse or keyboard
nor manuals. You are thus tied to the Dealers repair shop and sky-high repair bills.

When I buy a computer, I get the software and free updates, a repair program in case of some glitch along with the purchase price. Along the way there are free programs and apps specifically designed for the model purchased.

The car industry provides none of this and has been getting away with this proprietary thingy for a very long time now and it’s about time we demand full access to our car computer and it’s software to include the repair program and apps included in the purchase price.

You can buy a small hand held gizmo to read the codes for around $100.00 and you can also buy another that will actually do the job for upwards of $25,000.00. There is nothing special about this kind of computing. It’s like all the rest and when you can buy a computer for a few hundred dollars today we shouldn’t be tolerating these kinds of shenanigans heaped upon us while we spend 10’s of thousands of dollars obligating us to thousands more in eventual repairs.

Gone are the days when Dad was out fixing the family car, changing the oil and sometimes installing a generator or some other part that provided immense pride and accomplishment. We can get back to those days with the computer in our hands and in our control to simplify whats been made so very mysterious and complicated, which it’s not.

The mystery is why we haven’t demanded it before this.

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